• Acme External Venetians source from one of Europe’s premier specialists in external shading. External Venetians are very popular in central Europe particuarly in Germany as they deal with solar gain on the outide before it enters the building. External venetians are highly engineered and are a highly efficient and robust form of sun control. 
  • Acme have supplied External Venetians to many Lidl outlets throughout Ireland.
  • High level of sun protection – reduce solar heat again buy up to 90%.
  • Dealing with the solar gain before it enters the building is the key to high thermal efficiency. Front end design of light, solar and thermal inputs has a fundamental effect on building efficency and external suncontrol  particuarly external venetians are best placed to influence solar gain. 
  • Flexible Light Control – adjustable slat angle allowing varying degrees of light penetration.
  • Durable Construction ensuring longevity and enhanced aesthetics
  • Controlled by crank or motor, can be integrated into complete building management system
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